Guitar, cello

Birthday : March 20

Band Nickname : Mr Pastry

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Born in California of Norwegian / American / Guyanan parentage, Adrian is a long-term friend of Saul, the two having attended the same school in Hull and it was this link that helped Adrian when the band were looking to replace Larry.

After leaving school, Adrian went to the University of Sussex in Brighton, where he still lives, to study music.  Before joining James after Larry's departure in 1996, Adrian was in a band called Goat that signed to Beggars Banquet before becoming guitarist and cellist in Sharkboy, a Nude Records band that produced two albums in the early eighties and had supported the likes of Suede.

An accomplished guitarist, Adrian says and does very little but play guitar on stage.  The band have tried to bring Adrian out of his shell, but with little success so far. 

Despite a reputation for laziness, the band acknowledge Adrian's brilliance with a guitar in hand and amp plugged in.