"Formed in Liverpool in the early 80s by songwriter Michael Head (guitar/vocals) and Chris McCaffrey (bass) with Thomas Whelan (drums) and Andy Diagram, formerly of Dislocation Dance and the Diagram Brothers. Having been assimilated into the early 80s " quiet pop’/ "Bossa Nova " movement, Pale Fountains also drew upon such influences as the Beatles, the Mamas And The Papas and Love, but were probably better known for wearing short baggy trousers. Previously on the Operation Twilight label, the group attempted to break into the big-time when they signed to the Virgin label. Despite this lucrative move, this highly-touted group never broke out of their cult status. Their highest national chart position was the UK Top 50 " Thank You " in 1982."

(from Guinness Who's Who of New Wave and Indie Music)

The Pale Fountains reformed in early 2008 for two 25 year reunion shows in Liverpool and London.  Since leaving Pale Fountains, Michael Head has fronted the critically acclaimed Shack.